Session Management ( Feature Requests)
  • Session Start, Stop, Pause
  • Timeout Settings Timer
  • Client Seat/Session Swapping
  • Count Up/Down Timer
  • Configurable Blocker Image
  • Post-paid / Prepaid modes
Server Functionality ( Feature Requests)
  • View Client status in real time
  • View Client status in colored icons
  • View Instant Status list
  • Session Cost Cashing & Discounts
  • Products Sale & Reports
  • Versatile Tariff Configuration
  • Membership Management
  • Multi-level Staff Access Control
  • View Session and Sales Logs
  • Generate Session and Sales Reports
  • Generate and Print Tickets
Client Computer Control
  • Shutdown and Reboot
  • Temporary Blank Screen
  • Client Update from Server
  • Client Upgrade Capability

Mkahawa 0.0.4

This is the latest version released on 29th May, 2010. You can download it from here

  • Bug fixes for round-off
  • Support for 64 bit compilation
  • Indonesian, Ukrainian and Spanish translations
  • Ticketing bug-fixes. Tickets layout interface re-done
  • Improved looks for client: More configurable blocker screen

Mkahawa 0.0.3

This is the latest version released on 13th March, 2010. You can download it from here

  • Options for post-paid and prepaid billing
  • Options for rounding off price to .00, .05, .10 and .50
  • Support for non-alphabet scripts eg Chinese, Indian, Russian, Korean
  • Tickets: Printing and general management
  • Improved looks - Graphical buttons

Mkahawa 0.0.1

The first version was released on 10th October, 2009. You can download it from here

  • Staff Access Management: Different levels of access
  • Print-out counting functionality
  • Stronger membership management
  • Clients can be updated from the server