Welcome to Mkahawa Cyber Manager!

Mkahawa is an open-source project that builds on Cafe Con Leche or CCL - the nifty, cross-platform Internet Cafe billing and Management Software started by Bruno Deferrari.

Mkahawa extends CCL's traditional cross-platform nature, simplicity, lightness and speed with the following major additional features:

  • Staff Access Management (Login & Logout)
  • Choice of post-paid and prepaid billing
  • Stronger membership management
  • Tickets printing and management
  • Speed-buttons for simple usage
  • Installers for Ubuntu, Zencafe(Zenwalk) and Windows
  • Automatic charging for print-outs
  • Multi-language capability
  • Client updates from the server
  • Many more additional features - see full feature list

Mkahawa project also aims to provide up-to-date installers for the different Linux distros and Windows versions. (Check this website for add-ons and non-Linux installers).

Mkahawa's speed and small memory foot-print comes from the fact that it is built in C and C++.

Built for Linux, Windows and MacOS, you can find the free source and some binaries at sourceforge.net .